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The Female Magic Oracle

Ziehe eine Karte und erinnere Dich Deiner kreativen weiblichen Kraft

#1 Cosmic Creatress

#1 Cosmic Creatress_1 Seite.png

Awaken your Creative Power

The woman depicted on this card has the power to create magic within an instant, channeling the universal energies through her soul, mind & body – moving the energy WITH her body, embodying the cosmic creative power (…)

#2 Earth Mother

#2 Earth Mother_bb.png

Remember your Roots

She is the one to return to in times of great vulnerability, feelings of stress, sadness, loneliness or overwhelm. Earth Mother is holding you in her wide open arms and she whispers in your ear *Let go, my love, just let it go.

#3 Medicine Woman

#3 Medicine Woman.png

Embrace your Personal Medicine

Coming soon...

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