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#1 Cosmic Creatress

Awaken your creative power

The woman depicted on this card has the power to create magic within an instant. Channeling the universal energies through her soul, mind & body she is moving the energy WITH her body, embodying the cosmic creative power. The  *C o s m i c  C r e a t r e s s  reminds you today that YOU ARE IN POWER. Of your own self, of your universal creative power, em-powered by nature and life itself – and to use this knowledge wisely, with love and for the good of all. Yes! The Good, the Creative Life and the Love are her superpowers, and the deep knowing that we are alle one, and all IS one. Through her connection to the stars, planets, dreams, cycles of life she birthes her wide and soulful creations into life, space and reality. She leans INTO herself, the inner & wider cosmos and raw nature to receive inspiration for all she longs to create. And she just LOVES to create. Awaken to your own inner *C o s m i c  C r e a t r e s s. She is waiting for you in your own body, time & space. 


I am the  *C o s m i c  C r e a t r e s s.

Through my heart and universal embodied wisdom I draw

inspiration within an instant – to create beauty, love and art

into life, here and now.

I am already creative in being a woman in my OWN body.

And yes! I love to breath and sprinkle stars and planets while

walking my way.


#1 Cosmic Creatress: Dienstleistungen
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