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#2 Earth Mother

Remember your Roots

She is the one to return to in times of great vulnerability, feelings of stress, sadness, loneliness or overwhelm. Earth Mother is holding you in her wide open arms and she whispers in your ear 

*Let go, my love, just let it go. Sink into my arms, my body, my bones,
sink and sob your tears, because everything you feel is right and ok
and seen and felt by me, your Mother.
You are part of me, I am part of you,
my body is your body, my heart is your heart,
and for so my love is true and ever (y)ours.
Sink my Love, into my heart, the earth, into the unknown,
and remember your roots,
the roots of the Earth,
who is your Mother and Mother to all Life on this beautiful Planet.
I love you. 

In remembering where you come from, you will find peace and love and acceptance in every situation you are actually facing right now as you will always remember that you were birthed through mother’s love on this planet for a reason and that Earth Mother, Gaia, loves you deeply from the heart. You are here as a loved human being and in connecting to Earth Mother’s love and wisdom you will give life to all creations from the purity of your inner knowing, heart and body wisdom that you are a Daughter/Brother/Child of Earth – connected to nature, the trees, the birds, animals, and life itself by just BEING you. Just this!


I am grounded in Mother’s Love.
Through remembering my roots I draw earth wisdom
through my bones, cells and blood lines and heal old non-supportive thoughts that are disturbing me right now.
I am safe in the Love of the Mother.
I am safe to be myself.
I am loved,
since the very beginning, the roots of my life,

#2 Earth Mother: Dienstleistungen
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