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Buch *She is Magic

Buch *She is Magic

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*she is magic is a collection of 120 diary entries, poems and dreams about feeling and healing the body and soul after a time of freeze and silence. During a period of three months I sat down every day to re-connect to my voice and create an authentic expression of my felt experience.


Guided by the rhythm of mother nature and my own inner rhythms these texts mirror one part of my personal journey and I hope you will relate and resonate with some of the written ideas and images.


I wish you an inspiring and joyful reading experience.

Much love to you, Larissa


*words are either in english or german language

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    Format: A5

    Papier: 350g / 90g Offset-PEFC™ aus nachhaltiger Waldwirtschaft / PEFC™ – Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification Schemes™


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