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#4 MiraMichelle

Quantum Shamanic Healer

Soul Sister Interview von Januar 2017

1. Who are you and why are you here? 

I am called MiraMichelle…. I am a human being on planet earth that feels called to experience what is beyond the so-called status quo normal. This entails a path of becoming more and more aware and reflective. It is about consciousness.


2. What means «female magic» to you?

The female is magic! Not only does she hold the immense ability to bring forth new life but in her essence she holds the container of the great mystery.

3. How does it feel when you follow the calling of your soul?

It feels natural.

4. How do you empower yourself on your way?

Empowerment is there always… after all we are the power. At first it is an energetic experience. I follow the energy.

5. Do you have a daily ritual to nurture and honour yourself?

Daily ritual is to be aware… when I follow my awareness it brings me to an organic place of practice. This practice allows me to know self and sometimes to experience the place of no-self, Having said this it can be beneficial to have the experience of daily meditation over a longer period of time. I did this in my mid-twenties every day for 5 years. Good experience.

6. What is your biggest fear? What are your «magic tools» when the fear appears?

Fear is the unknown. When I feel fear I like to simply be with it and feel the energy. .. feel what it is informing me of. Somewhere in the feeling state I accept. Acceptance is crucial.

7. What means a powerful woman to you? Please name 3 women that inspire you.

A powerful woman is a woman that is empowered by her life and her life choices… she has purpose and she has conviction and integrity. She does not hide behind systems – she owns her own heart. Maya Angelou, Marianne Williamson, Grace O’Malley! Many more. .. ☺

8. What is it that us women can give to the world?

Our female values and vision! Through our female values we can see our world anew… from a different perspective. Perspective is very important.

9. Imagine a wise woman. How does she look? Describe yourself in 30 years. Who will you be?

Who I am now with more gray hairs, more humor and hopefully lots of grandchildren and greatgrandchildren. ☺

10. Which 3 inspirations do you want to give to other women who are on their way?

  1. Trust your heart and know that you are not alone.

  2. Connect to the earth as deeply as you can… she is holding us all.

  3. Be humble and be strong.

Thank you for sharing your thoughts and feelings with us! 


Founder of Sacred Female Rising Institute / Shaman / Author

‘A spirit midwife’ to the new consciousness presently being born on our planet – is what I have dedicated myself and my work towards. The symbiotic relationship with human kind and the earth coupled with science and the path of the shaman gives me inspiration and knowledge. It is an honor and a privilegeto do this work and share it with the world.

More information about Mira and her work: und

#4 MiraMichelle: Infos
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